now and later.

the gift of hindsight is a very strange thing.

in memoriam of days yesteryear, i've experienced more than my fair share of personal growth. granted, i'm no more than slightly over a quarter century old at the time of writing and many would (rightfully) express that i've many more years left of self-discovery, yet i can't help but notice specificities in those around me that remind me of myself, though myself reminiscent of a time long since passed. this difference though, however slight, creates a very interesting dichotomy - kay in early twenties, versus kay during mid-twenties.

now for specifics.

when i was in my early twenties, i constantly felt as though i had something to prove. i had a pretty solid idea of who i was, but that wasn't nearly enough. as some sort of bizarre, adolescent interim solution, i developed a nasty little habit during those times that make me cringe even as i think about it now - i developed a habit of "picking up" (but mostly feigning) interests that were largely those of surrounding company at the time, truly believing those were my thoughts and my interests (though honestly, i probably could not have cared less). i even went to extravagant lengths to prove to the group and to myself that they truly and really were my interests; in a time of livejournal and myspace, my about me, interests, music and etc would constantly change every time i joined a new circle of friends or involved myself with a new male interest. it was as though it wasn't enough to just tell myself that i now loved this band or loved that book, i had to somehow proclaim to the online masses that i now really loved these bands and these books through mass internet updates, as if that somehow verified my true affinity for whatever it happened to be at the time.

i say this now, given the gift of hindsight and seeing more clearly through an older, wiser pair of eyes. it's strange, seeing these things and these actions of a younger self being put on show by others and recognizing yourself within them - it evokes a very strange and confusing combination of self-loathing, compassion (for both others and yourself) and annoyance at the outside guilty parties.


i guess i haven't quite figured out how to deal with the above concoction for disaster quite yet - maybe the gift of hindsight hopefully might solve that one, too. Read more!


uncertainty in a time of decline.

when there's everything to say, but nothing can be said. Read more!


goods in the bad economy.

mother is still in town - took her to the glendale today to do some weekend holiday shopping. picked up only a few things, but the few i did pick up more than made up in style and quality rather than quantity.

steve madden version of givenchy 'mummified' boot

alexander wang's wool pleated trousers (a version of) Read more!



today the mother comes into town. in just a little shy of an hour, i'll be leaving to pick her up from lax only to endure an awkward five days with her, filled with questions, doubt, suspicion and likely disappointment - the usual motherly cocktail.

i digress.

it's surreal spending thanksgiving in another town, particularly one as dense and as populated as los angeles. the last several thanksgivings i can remember were spent alone or with one other close friend aimlessly wandering around a seemingly dead city since most of my 20-something neighbors all had family to go home to for the holidays. the usual hard-pressed-to-find-a-parking-spot streets are empty - even the bums are nowhere to be seen.

switch now to downtown la - thanksgiving day 2008 ends up sunny, much to the dismay of the rain that's flooded the streets of our beloved city over the last day and a half. being downtown where the majority of the shopowners are of ethnic origin, the shops are open and just as busy as ever - each storefront seems to feature some extravagant display busting at the seams full of imported, knock-off goods. and the shoppers, they're out too; shopping totes in tow, children biting at their parents heels begging for every toy their beady little eyes happen upon. noting these details, stands in such stark contrast to the pacific northwest thanksgivings i'd grown used to. i've traded in my grey, wet, empty and unforgiving streets for sun, traffic (even on a thanksgiving day), and neighbors who both don't understand and don't care what all this fourth-thursday-of-november fuss is about.

to this, i say: to new beginnings.

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morning tea.

hope everyone's having a wonderful tuesday.

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should (probably) be asleep.

bathe in the cuteness that is this cashmere bunny (found on a fellow blogspot blog):

i'd like to imagine he should keep me warm on those exceptionally bluster-laden winter nights. Read more!



don't hate me, i know it's been far too long since i've posted anything.

but, i've thought about it some, and i'm going to re-purpose this as more of a personal blog where i'll update when appropriate and post little quips here, there, every now and again.

the first of these entries to follow soon. Read more!


dear tastespotting, rip.

firstly, sorry folks for my extended leave of absence - i'm back! in related but unrelated news, i'm holding onto last hope that this might be a friday the 13th joke, but in case it isn't:

rip, tastespotting.

though tastespotting might be gone, check out any number of these below for beautiful culinary inspirations:

smitten kitchen
elise.com - recipes
cupcake bakeshop
delicious days Read more!


new dog!

sorry everybody, for the lack of posts lately.

i've been sick as a dog lately, but (slowly) getting better!

on the subject of dog via other news, i have a new doggy addition to the family! photos and gushing to come later, no doubt.

be back before you know it. Read more!


70% off steals at crate and barrel.

crate and barrel is having an excellent outlet sale right now with up to 70% off selected items in every category. some excellent finds can be found on the site - hurry, since i doubt some of these are going to last long at these prices.

scoop bowl - $1.95

butter warmer - $1.95

modern wine decanter - $5.95

wine decanter - $2.95

trim glasses - $0.95

'10' wall clock (winner of the outlet sale, imo) - $13.95

happy shopping! Read more!


sarah van gameren.

big dipper - 2007
"big dipper dips twenty-four chandeliers using the technique of candle making. the machine rotates and lowers strung wick chandeliers periodically, building up 12 layers for each. after twelve hours, twenty-four chandeliers are completed and a new cycle can begin."

video of the process available here.

burn burn burn - 2007
"burn burn burn is the documentation of a performance with a special kind of paint; a flammable paint similar to the colored tip on the end of a matchstick.
when applied, dried and lit, the flame slowly moves forward. it moves over the floor, table legs and chairs where it leaves behind a pitch-black trace, a picture frame burned into the wall and charcoal roses."

video of the process available here.

for more: sarahvangameren.com Read more!


eye candy reads.

there is no shortage when it comes to books covering every gamut of architecture and design, covering a spectrum of topics from interior & furniture, visual biographies and eras of influence - the list continues on for miles. taschen is a great publishing source for the classics including the domus design journals, as well as rizzoli, publisher of 'the way we live' series. if you're thinking about building up your literary design collection, might i suggest the following:

100 contemporary architects - taschen

case study houses - taschen

moroccan interiors - taschen

brooklyn modern - rizzoli

the way we live series - rizzoli

domus 1928-1999, vol. I-XII - taschen

happy reading! Read more!


home sweet home.

for those of you unfamiliar, i have not been an angeleno all my life. in fact, not even most of it. i'm a new yorker by both history and heart, but having spent 11 years in seattle has taught me to slow down some and catch more than a few breaths or two in between. having just recently moved to LA a few months ago, i took happily to decorating my space which, for the first time, offered me enough room to try some new things and play to a degree i had never had before whilst in seattle.

i reside in an old 1911 beaux arts building in downtown LA originally used as an office building but converted in 2002 for residential loft use. i couldn't wait to post pictures, despite the space being only about 90% complete. regardless, some shameless self promotion and eye candy for you to enjoy!

the home office.

'woods' wallpaper, by cole & son.

some flicks of the living room space.

the typography wall.

close-up of the bathroom wallpaper.

'city scape' wallpaper, by graham & brown.

bedroom wall.

'branch' wallpaper, by ferm living.

the books.

miniature vintage clock collection.

everyone, this is chopsticks the cat.

another angle of the home office.

and the tv/art wall.


macro view of the wallpapered bathroom.

black glass chandelier above the dining room table.

on the kitchen counter.

my name.
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DIY ideas for the weekend.

a compilation of some functional, neat, unique and easy DIY ideas and inspired "arting" to keep you occupied this weekend. happy friday!

re-use: frame with floating fern (would look great in several sizes clustered together)

full instructions can be found here.

re-use: frame & old wine box paired with shelving makes for a beautiful open cabinet

full instructions can be found here.

cork redefined: six modern takes on how to re-use an ages-old material

all six projects can be found here.

vintage doilies add subtle charm to common bangles

full instructions can be found here.

some leftover paint used on an old cabinet's glass doors transforms it into new
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some neat pillows to help you dream on, sleepyhead. via hello sleepyhead.

shown below in order of: musician, painter, collector and writer

backside prints of pillows

available as a crowd
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command mac love.

via my little underground via altruism in the morning. a nod for all you mac devotees.

$12 for the set of 3.

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three beautiful home sneak peeks.

martha stewart has a great feature in their 'home & decorating' section this week of three homes with distinctly different styles and each family's take on life and style within each home. i strongly suggest visiting and taking a gander at each home - i'm especially envious of both the LA spanish-style home since i often pass by those houses on my way about town (do they all look like that on the inside?), and the beautifully done beach bungalow.

beautiful use of coordinating multiple shades of base colors, and LOVE the tree stump/stool idea.

nice pop of color on the painted door panels.

bamboo chairs bought as a novelty item, but work beautifully with the muted color scheme.

from the southern colonial home.

great idea of using a collection as a focal headboard.

another great idea for unearthing treasure with an old fireplace.
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