sarah van gameren.

big dipper - 2007
"big dipper dips twenty-four chandeliers using the technique of candle making. the machine rotates and lowers strung wick chandeliers periodically, building up 12 layers for each. after twelve hours, twenty-four chandeliers are completed and a new cycle can begin."

video of the process available here.

burn burn burn - 2007
"burn burn burn is the documentation of a performance with a special kind of paint; a flammable paint similar to the colored tip on the end of a matchstick.
when applied, dried and lit, the flame slowly moves forward. it moves over the floor, table legs and chairs where it leaves behind a pitch-black trace, a picture frame burned into the wall and charcoal roses."

video of the process available here.

for more: sarahvangameren.com

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