love for two-wheeled dutch design.

as gas prices continue to climb and reach record highs every other day, a wider range of options become available as means of alternate transportation. among them, the resurgence in the the beauty that is the bicycle proves the two-wheeled wonder is back with a vengeance. with companies such as jorg & olif, electra and the classic raleigh leading the revolution in both aesthetically pleasing and beautifully functional bikes, there leaves little to be desired when faced with the range of options in bicycles available today.

jorg & olif 'scout' bicycle

jorg & olif original design bicycle

electra 'amsterdam' bicycle in blue, women's

electra 'amsterdam' bicycle in black, men's

while these modern versions emulate the classic design and attention to detail in honor of their earlier predecessors, these new machines offer a slew of very functional features that make riding around in both city and town an ease and pleasure. multiple-speed options are available on all bikes with raleigh's 'coasting' bicycle offering an auto-shifting mechanism, longer handlebars for ease in maneuverability, wider standard saddles and improved tires for a smoother ride are all features included in these modern versions of the dutch classics.

raleigh 'coasting' in mint

what better way to save money and roll around town to see and be seen than in one of the jorg & olif bikes above? sigh. a girl can dream.

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