new dog!

sorry everybody, for the lack of posts lately.

i've been sick as a dog lately, but (slowly) getting better!

on the subject of dog via other news, i have a new doggy addition to the family! photos and gushing to come later, no doubt.

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70% off steals at crate and barrel.

crate and barrel is having an excellent outlet sale right now with up to 70% off selected items in every category. some excellent finds can be found on the site - hurry, since i doubt some of these are going to last long at these prices.

scoop bowl - $1.95

butter warmer - $1.95

modern wine decanter - $5.95

wine decanter - $2.95

trim glasses - $0.95

'10' wall clock (winner of the outlet sale, imo) - $13.95

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sarah van gameren.

big dipper - 2007
"big dipper dips twenty-four chandeliers using the technique of candle making. the machine rotates and lowers strung wick chandeliers periodically, building up 12 layers for each. after twelve hours, twenty-four chandeliers are completed and a new cycle can begin."

video of the process available here.

burn burn burn - 2007
"burn burn burn is the documentation of a performance with a special kind of paint; a flammable paint similar to the colored tip on the end of a matchstick.
when applied, dried and lit, the flame slowly moves forward. it moves over the floor, table legs and chairs where it leaves behind a pitch-black trace, a picture frame burned into the wall and charcoal roses."

video of the process available here.

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eye candy reads.

there is no shortage when it comes to books covering every gamut of architecture and design, covering a spectrum of topics from interior & furniture, visual biographies and eras of influence - the list continues on for miles. taschen is a great publishing source for the classics including the domus design journals, as well as rizzoli, publisher of 'the way we live' series. if you're thinking about building up your literary design collection, might i suggest the following:

100 contemporary architects - taschen

case study houses - taschen

moroccan interiors - taschen

brooklyn modern - rizzoli

the way we live series - rizzoli

domus 1928-1999, vol. I-XII - taschen

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home sweet home.

for those of you unfamiliar, i have not been an angeleno all my life. in fact, not even most of it. i'm a new yorker by both history and heart, but having spent 11 years in seattle has taught me to slow down some and catch more than a few breaths or two in between. having just recently moved to LA a few months ago, i took happily to decorating my space which, for the first time, offered me enough room to try some new things and play to a degree i had never had before whilst in seattle.

i reside in an old 1911 beaux arts building in downtown LA originally used as an office building but converted in 2002 for residential loft use. i couldn't wait to post pictures, despite the space being only about 90% complete. regardless, some shameless self promotion and eye candy for you to enjoy!

the home office.

'woods' wallpaper, by cole & son.

some flicks of the living room space.

the typography wall.

close-up of the bathroom wallpaper.

'city scape' wallpaper, by graham & brown.

bedroom wall.

'branch' wallpaper, by ferm living.

the books.

miniature vintage clock collection.

everyone, this is chopsticks the cat.

another angle of the home office.

and the tv/art wall.


macro view of the wallpapered bathroom.

black glass chandelier above the dining room table.

on the kitchen counter.

my name.
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DIY ideas for the weekend.

a compilation of some functional, neat, unique and easy DIY ideas and inspired "arting" to keep you occupied this weekend. happy friday!

re-use: frame with floating fern (would look great in several sizes clustered together)

full instructions can be found here.

re-use: frame & old wine box paired with shelving makes for a beautiful open cabinet

full instructions can be found here.

cork redefined: six modern takes on how to re-use an ages-old material

all six projects can be found here.

vintage doilies add subtle charm to common bangles

full instructions can be found here.

some leftover paint used on an old cabinet's glass doors transforms it into new
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some neat pillows to help you dream on, sleepyhead. via hello sleepyhead.

shown below in order of: musician, painter, collector and writer

backside prints of pillows

available as a crowd
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command mac love.

via my little underground via altruism in the morning. a nod for all you mac devotees.

$12 for the set of 3.

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three beautiful home sneak peeks.

martha stewart has a great feature in their 'home & decorating' section this week of three homes with distinctly different styles and each family's take on life and style within each home. i strongly suggest visiting and taking a gander at each home - i'm especially envious of both the LA spanish-style home since i often pass by those houses on my way about town (do they all look like that on the inside?), and the beautifully done beach bungalow.

beautiful use of coordinating multiple shades of base colors, and LOVE the tree stump/stool idea.

nice pop of color on the painted door panels.

bamboo chairs bought as a novelty item, but work beautifully with the muted color scheme.

from the southern colonial home.

great idea of using a collection as a focal headboard.

another great idea for unearthing treasure with an old fireplace.
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love for two-wheeled dutch design.

as gas prices continue to climb and reach record highs every other day, a wider range of options become available as means of alternate transportation. among them, the resurgence in the the beauty that is the bicycle proves the two-wheeled wonder is back with a vengeance. with companies such as jorg & olif, electra and the classic raleigh leading the revolution in both aesthetically pleasing and beautifully functional bikes, there leaves little to be desired when faced with the range of options in bicycles available today.

jorg & olif 'scout' bicycle

jorg & olif original design bicycle

electra 'amsterdam' bicycle in blue, women's

electra 'amsterdam' bicycle in black, men's

while these modern versions emulate the classic design and attention to detail in honor of their earlier predecessors, these new machines offer a slew of very functional features that make riding around in both city and town an ease and pleasure. multiple-speed options are available on all bikes with raleigh's 'coasting' bicycle offering an auto-shifting mechanism, longer handlebars for ease in maneuverability, wider standard saddles and improved tires for a smoother ride are all features included in these modern versions of the dutch classics.

raleigh 'coasting' in mint

what better way to save money and roll around town to see and be seen than in one of the jorg & olif bikes above? sigh. a girl can dream. Read more!